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We believe through hard work, research and open communications with each of our clients - we all succeed in our mission.

Our Financial Consultants

You can be confident that each Merrimac Corporate Securities, Inc. Financial Consultant is qualified and trained to meet the challenges of his or her position. Emphasis is placed on product knowledge and client service enhancements. Through research briefings our Financial Consultants are updated on current events, securities recommendations, and advised on potential new investment products. Our Financial Consultants are trained in handling all types of accounts that we offer including individual or joint accounts, corporate accounts, IRA’s, Sep IRA’s, 401(k)’s, Simple Plans, Roth IRA’s, etc. We pride ourselves on offering the public Financial Consultants for today’s markets.

The Firm is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and the Municipal Securities Rule Making Board (MSRB). The company transacts business for individual and institutional clients through a correspondent clearing relationship with Apex Clearing Corp and COR Clearing Corp All accounts are protected up to $24,000,000 through Apex Clearing Corp and COR Clearing Corp The first $500,000 of protection is provided through SIPC, which includes coverage up to $100,000 in cash. The remaining protection is provided through separated insurance policies.

All Investment Products and Asset Management Services

• We provide each individual client professional stock executions, effected quickly and efficiently.
• We provide a full range of premier mutual fund families, plus variable annuities and variable life products. No proprietary products!
• We access professionally guided equity portfolio services. Ask about our Affiliated Money Management Account Programs.
• We provide Consulting Services for business in a number of areas including managing assets, employee benefit plans, and business insurance and cash flow management.
• We provide referral services that address areas such as estate planning, retirement planning, trusts and other individual areas of need.
• We offer banking services with sophisticated access and accounting linked to your investment account.





Who We Are

Merrimac Corporate Securities is incorporated under the laws of the state of New Hampshire. An independent full service brokerage firm, we offer a full range of investment services and opportunities including:
Banking Services
Municipal Securities
Corporate Securities
Government Securities
Mutual Funds
Unit Investment Trusts
Individual Retirement Accounts
Self Employed Retirement Plans
Pension and Profit Sharing Plans
Market Research
Proprietary Investment Strategies
Professional Asset Management

Ask About Our Wealth Management Services

Through professional relationships with premier financial institutions and money management firms we offer innovative, quality investment products and services. Our dedication and experience in isolating superior investment opportunities incorporate one or more of three core principles to Wealth Management.
1) Protection
2) Accumulation
3) Wealth Management Planning
Let us show you how we can apply our efforts to your personal financial goal objectives.
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